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Open Water Swimming is our passion.  But there is a lot to think about when stepping out of the pool and into open water.  We aim to increase safe access to open water, delivering private, subsidised and funded sessions to build confidence and competence in open water for all ages and increase water safety awareness and to enable people swim safely. We deliver a bespoke pool to open water program and have access to a variety of locations depending on individual need, weather, sea state and goals. We can deliver 1:1 and group coaching in learn to swim, swimming technique, endurance, confidence and competence.  If you have a swim challenge coming up, if you have disabilities or learning differences, if you would like to improve your stroke, if you are a non swimmer who would like to learn; get in touch and see what we can come up with to help you meet your goals.

Outdoor Learning and Forest School; Forest school is well known in the UK.  We work with local schools and private groups to deliver block programs of Forest School at Preschool, Primary and Secondary levels and for children and adults outside of school.  Forest School is delivered outdoors but not all outdoor learning is Forest school.  We work 1:1 and in groups depending on need.  Forest school has six principles:  All our sessions on water and land are delivered in a learner led way with an holistic learning approach being the key to success.  We also deliver holiday adventure clubs in the summer holidays, these sessions are not Forest School but do have the learner led ethos of Forest School at their heart.  

Open Water Safety Training; We can deliver the Aquatic Safety Qualification, accredited by the Institute of Outdoor Learning.   This is a three level practical qualification which will enable staff, group leaders and water users to work alongside or in open water with knowledge of the associated risks and how to mitigate those risks.  It is not a lifeguard qualification for those who supervise free swimming.  It is for private use, or for those who supervise known groups taking part in registered sessions as well as staff who work alongside or in open water such as open water swimmers, rangers, rock pool safaris, people working alongside rivers and ditches.  

Orienteering, Moorland Navigation and Inland Swimming; We can take you on a journey across the moors, learning to navigate and swim in inland waterways.